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Cutting account balance to charity without notice

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Alamy dropped my balance for 57% (cutting down to charity without my knowledge). I did not get any email notice about time deadline regarding to their possible reduction of my account balance – using their contract article under 12.xx.

My balance was 212 USD, before cutting it to 89USD . Am I am case for getting or giving charity. I want Alamy to refund it or use donating something like 10% not 57% cutting down by free will.

Its gray zone, did any members get similar experience?

Be aware.

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It's hard to comment without better understanding what has happened to you. It sounds like a matter you should take up with Alamy after they get back from Christmas/New year break.

Of course we should all be in control where and to whom we make our charitable donations. It seemed to me that there were a lot more appeals on the TV this year, and some of them looked very slickly produced indeed. All intended to make me choke on my mince pies and dig deep. To be honest, mince pies are wasted on me anyway.

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