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Picture Needs

Mark Collinson

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A suggestion for the "Picture Needs" feature.


Previously I've done pretty much the same thing by downloading a week's worth of "All of Alamy" from measures and filtering the spreadsheet, initially with a macro to exclude search terms I'm unlikely to be able to shoot, and then by hand, which can be quite time consuming, so this new "Picture Needs" feature is very welcome.


Although I do upload speculatively, the majority of my uploads are in response to what customers have been looking for and not finding, or not finding many of.  I find this approach is giving reasonable sales from a relatively small portfolio.


Could I suggest a couple of additions to the picture needs section which would be very useful.


A "last updated" date.

A "recently added" subset or "added in <time period>" feature.

A "date column" for when the search term was used or request made.


In a nutshell, having been through the list already, it would be handy to know what's new to save having to trawl through the whole list each visit.


Out of interest, how often do you intend to update the list or is it more of an ad-hoc "as and when" approach?



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