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  1. I got one yesterday. I think the lowest price I've ever had. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Travel & tourism Image Size: Any size Start: 10 April 2019 End: 10 April 2024 NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity $ 1.27 Taken on holiday in November in Costa Rica - total cost of the trip £3000+. Return $0.64 = £0.49p.
  2. A suggestion for the "Picture Needs" feature. Previously I've done pretty much the same thing by downloading a week's worth of "All of Alamy" from measures and filtering the spreadsheet, initially with a macro to exclude search terms I'm unlikely to be able to shoot, and then by hand, which can be quite time consuming, so this new "Picture Needs" feature is very welcome. Although I do upload speculatively, the majority of my uploads are in response to what customers have been looking for and not finding, or not finding many of. I find this approach is giving reasonable
  3. The others will just have "One or more images.... etc" written across them. You need to recheck all images before re-submitting.
  4. If you look in AIM and bring up that submission, the offending image will have "Failed QC" and the reason why written across the image.
  5. My first thought was "looking up" as many of the images found are looking up, but then many others aren't. I then realised that if you type anything in square brackets it finds all keywords containing those letters, which is actually very useful. ie. van [LU] would find luton van or any other keywords containing lu.
  6. Thanks John. Off topic, but I just happened to park by the Bonneville in a car park in Selby. Just an opportunity shot. You don't see many classic British bikes about these days, and although I'm no biker nor an expert on bikes, it did catch my eye. It sold a while back with quite a cluttered background and I thought it might be more saleable as a cut out. I spent a good few hours removing the background and re-uploading. It's been zoomed recently but so far no sale reported.
  7. I've been using a couple of LED spots for over a year for table top work. All my cut outs uploaded since June last year are done with them and I predominently do cut outs. I'm using Luceco GU10 5W (50W equiv.) 4000K natural white on the box, but actually nearer 4200K-4300K to get the right colour balance post processing. I have them in small retractable leg tri-pod spot light units. I've actually uploaded images of GU10s - See G85FHG. Bought them from screwfix for less than £10 a box of four and I already had the housings from a light tent kit. Biggest advantage
  8. If you have an image of "white flowers" you may want to ask yourself whether you should use the keyword "flower" at all. If someone searches for "white flower" to find a single white flower, your image of white flowers would be viewed, but unlikely to be zoomed or sold. This would just damage your CTR and Rank. There will be circumstances where you would include the singular and others where you might choose not to. With regard to keywording "white flower flowers" or "white flower white flowers" the word grouping will affect where your image appears in the results. With "white flow
  9. A few uses come to mind. Fabric/textile/material design. Ceramics. Tiles, borders and kitchenware. Carpets/rugs.
  10. The "so many hours ago" seems a good solution. The logged in/out issue also affects voting. Logged in, the blue star says correctly what I voted for. Logged out, it shows next to the next choice up. It doesn't affect the results though.
  11. The requirement not to remove copyright information is already expressed several times within the buyer's End User License Agreement, so removing copyright data is already a breach of contract. What your really after is assurance from Alamy that they will enforce these contractual requirements.
  12. Deleted. Same post duplicated when the two threads were merged.
  13. Only two people at Alamy even know the formula (and they never fly together)... I must admit, I did think that was the case, but telling us our rank in "Your Images" along with CTR shouldn't pose a problem.
  14. Waikiki Beach got my vote too. The composition, colour, crispness and interest just made it stand out for me. Acer Pseudoplatanus = Sycamore (in Britain) = European Maple = Sycamore Maple = Great Maple = Plane Tree (in Scotland). I do have sycamore in the main keywords, but maple is more universally known. It may be imprudent to divulge all the details at this stage, but the clue's in the caption "Maple Seed Static against spinning background". The only other thing I'll say is that the motion blur is genuine, not photoshopped. The aim was to create a Maple Seed's Eye View, rather th
  15. Could you, within "Alamy Measures">"Your Images", tell us our Alamy Rank as well as our CTR, or tell us how to work it out ourselves. I do recall the simplified formula being in the guidelines as Views/( Zooms + Sales ) over a 300 day period, but many forum entries suggest that there's much more to it than that.
  16. A search function for Contributor Blog and Contributor Information would be very useful. I often remember reading something and then take hours trying to find where I read it. Finding information from past blogs is next to impossible. It may encourage contributors to read the Contributor Guidelines more often too. Some of the questions asked on the forum indicate that not everyone reads the guidelines thoroughly, while other questions asked are answered in the guidelines, but can be very difficult to find.
  17. In fact there's something stranger than that going on. If I'm logged in, the time is correct (my last post 05:30 PM) If I'm logged out, the time is 1 hour behind (my last post 04:30 PM)
  18. I think they just corrected that as I was about to reply.
  19. Me too. Considering the outstanding quality of all the entries, I'm very pleasantly surprised to be in the final eight. Thanks Stu.
  20. The time against each post is 12hr AM PM format. When one member quotes another, the time format is 24hr within the quote box. Could we just stick to the 24hr format for everything? It makes following the chronology of posts so much easier.
  21. BA0BX6Spreads across p36 & 37 3/4 of 2 page spread. Article is about Post Office creating a bank. Has a speech bubble "Do you want a loan with that?"
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