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Nikon D7200 users - 'Location Data' question

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While my D7200  was away for repair (dropped it) I bought another D7200 body, used item from peterwalnes.com via ebay (good price in mint condition).  The repaired body arrived back today and, while going through the settings so that were identical, I noticed that the one I bought recently does not have the 'Location Data' option in the Setup menu.  It's not that it's greyed out, it's just not there.


A search on the net reveals that some cameras do not have the GPS option if they are destined for sale in China....




According to Thom Hogan, newer cameras with serial numbers beginning with 6xxx.. 7xxx... and 8xxx.. are destined for the Asia/Pacific market - mine begins with 8xx.. (the other camera is 4xx...).




So it looks like I may have a camera that's been nobbled for the Chinese market.  Not that it's a problem - I can always use the other body if I want to connect a GPS unit.


Anyone else come across this?


Edit - forgot to mention that they both have the same and latest firmware.



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