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How do I save a 27MB NEF to jpg so it is at least 17MB in Photoshop CC

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17MB is the minimum uncompressed image size required by Alamy. This means the uncompressed image must contain at least 17 MegaBytes of image data. In 8 bit mode, each pixel is stored using 3 bytes of data (1 byte each for Red, Green and Blue). So the minimum number of pixels required by Alamy is 17/3 = 5.667 MegaPixels.


As a rough guide, just make sure your image contains at least 6 million pixels and you'll be OK, e.g. a 3000 x 2000 image is fine. 


When you save the image as in a jpg format file the image data is compressed to save disk space, so you will see the file size will be considerably smaller, but that's OK.



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