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Newbe with a few dead Nikons And a Cannon OES3D


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Hi everybody

This is the first time I have joined an Agency and this one looked to be the best and you all seem like pretty good guys (sorry ladies, every one is a guy for simplicity sake) but as you might gauge from my kit, I'm a bit grey around the edges.  Nowadays I live in France - a bit out in the wop-wops - and am now a loner but I made the mistake of opening a packing case and found a few negs and some stuff taken on the Cannon so as well as saying good'ay to every one I have a (probably asked a million times) question ref quality.   Afraid I'm not exactly computer literate but I've figured out that the long side needs to be 3000 pixels plus (Got a steam driven Photoshop 6 that told me that) and according to Cannon's site my EOS should do 3500 (and RAW), but I cannot see if this means that there have been multiple variations of the OES3  or whether it means mine (a1980 something) too.   If I'm out of luck here, will my Sigma EX17-35mm and my Cannon 28-135 work with a NEW (Ugg) Cannon body? - and if so, what would you recommend?


hope that that isn't too boring & a big thanks in advance to any kind sole who can help.  


Till next time



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OK, first off - welcome to Alamy,!


Negs - you'll need a high quality neg scanner and a good deal of patience. Alamy trades on high quality imaging, once you've scanned your files (to a minimum size of 17mb) you'll need to check every picture for the slightest dust spot or flaw - do this at 100% view or you'll miss stuff. Missing stuff will fail QC, and Alamy will check your images very carefully in the early stages.

If you're considering doing this on an old flatbed scanner, I'd really suggest a rethink. Whilst I did a fair bit of this with 6x6 trannies in the early days, most flatbeds will struggle to do a decent job with 35mm neg.


Lenses - take them for a drive to the nearest camera shop and try them on a new digi body. If they don't fit, all is not lost, lots of folks here use Sony RX100's or similar, and produce fabulous results. Ensure that whatever you buy has at least a 1" sensor, again, anything smaller than that will not pass QC here


Read the forums, lots of info here about what kit to use (and indeed not to use), what sells, what doesn't sell,  QC, and why people hit problems with it.


Go online and learn (for free) the basics of computer literacy you feel you lack, it'll be a fairly fruitless journey if all your images lack the sales appeal that others (more IT fluent) can inject into their imagery.


And have patience, it'll take time and effort to generate sales, but it'll be a fun journey, so enjoy the ride!



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