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RM sale prices very low, slightly confussed

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just logged in to find i had made a recent rights managed sale to a newspaper for only $12.51


these are the details of the sale:

Country: United Kingdom
Usage: Editorial
Media: Newspaper - national
Print run: up to 750,000
Placement: Inside and online
Image Size: 1/4 page
Start: 01 April 2017
End: 02 April 2017
Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, 
with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.
I fired up a browser and set all the same categories for the same image and the price i would have been charged is £156
are the national newspaper really getting such a good deal? is something amiss?
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