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Fees for placement in national newspapers

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Apologies if this has been discussed recently, but I've not used the forum before.

I've had a few sales of photos for placement in national newspapers over the years, but have only recently noticed the sharp decline in fees over a period of six years.

Comparing sales of images with similar usage, i.e. national newspaper, 2 million print run, and 1/4 page size, the fees have been as follows:  $63 in 2011; $22 in 2012; $12 in 2016; $9 in 2017.

The latest of these sales equates to under £7, for which my share will be around £3.50!

Considering that images are such an important part of newspapers, and that without them circulation figures would tumble, are photographers getting a fair deal?

Are these poor fees from newspapers industry wide, or is Alamy selling us short?

Does anyone else have any views on this, or would Alamy like to comment?

Thanks for reading this.

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