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Live News Feed - Problem (or just me ?)

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Has any body else experienced this problem …


This is a copy of an email I've submitted to member services…



This issue has happened twice - could you explain why.
I submit Live News images e.g. yesterday marked 3rd August.
They display in the Live News Feed - with all the other images submitted from other photographers.
Do-day (5th August) may images are on display.  Mid morning my images are not on display - but ready for me to keyword in my Manage Images.
Other photographers who submitted their images on the same date as me STILL have their images on display in the Live News Feed.
Could you explain what's going on - why are my images disappearing from the News feed?
Thanks Tony.
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Hi Tony,

On the 4th August I tried to upload 15 images and in the track submission section there was the following error


Unable To Process - resubmit media

after resubmitting instead of them going to the Live News feed they are now Awaiting QC


So Something was not working as it should of been






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