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FileZilla issue: 2 error notices and then disconnected

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Hi folks


My name is Robert.  I am from Maine and new today.  I want to use FileZilla.  I have followed the Alamy instructions:


1.  upload.alamy.com

2.  my username

3.  my password

4.  Port..... 21


Here is the response I am currently getting.  Please advise on what I must do to begin to successfully use FileZilla  as my medium for transferring images to Alamy.  Thank you so much.  robertleeking@gmail.com 


Status:      Connection established, waiting for welcome message...

Status:      Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS.

Status:      Logged in

Status:      Retrieving directory listing...

Status:      Directory listing of "/" successful

Error:        Could not read from socket: ECONNRESET - Connection reset by peer

Error:        Disconnected from server

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