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Fuji - Credit where it's due…..


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As an early buyer of a Fuji X.Pro 1, amongst the freebies it came with was a book of five vouchers for a yearly free health check. I had not used one of these prior to last week but the Fuji developed a fault in that it was not working properly in manual mode which is my mode of choice. I rang Fuji UK and spoke to a really helpful guy there, told him the problem and he sent me a box and a pre paid bag to return it in along with the voucher. I did point out that whilst any electronic item from any manufacturer could develop a fault, I was less than impressed that a camera not three years old and with a low shutter count had failed. I put this in a covering letter when I returned the camera and a week later, the camera is back, fully repaired with a new top plate fitted - No charge !

Thought this brilliant customer service was worth a mention as it just adds to the positives in using the Fuji system !

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