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Nikon lens repair in Amsterdam

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I dropped my 70 - 200 ƒ2.8 VR the other day and just got a repairs estimate for an eye watering €908 from Nikon. I'm just wondering whether any Dutch photogs know of somebody independent in Amsterdam who might be able to have a look at it?


The estimate is for replacing the bayonet mount, aperture actuating plate, contact unit, seals and the VR unit. Of this, the VR bit is the most expensive. I could live without VR but I don't know enough technically to be able to say whether or not it's possible to repair it without the VR. (I mean I know re-calibrating VR is a big part of the cost and presumably re-calibrating the focus is a big part of that.)


I asked Nikon if that would be possible and apparently they can't and/or won't...... I guess if the estimate hadn't also insisted that the body must be damaged too then I'd be more inclined to accept it. (The body's fine... it wasn't a big drop). I'm a member of NPS and frankly that hasn't been much help either.



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