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Help with chasing infringer

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hi all,


im relativly new to alamy and the stock world in general.


i have just found an image used of mine, it was licenced by alamy in oct 2014 (after some bizarre previous, sale then refund, sale then refund), eventually sold oct 2014.


a car image, used in germany, by a BIG car company, all good.


i did a google image search just, and is shows up on a russian, what appears to be photo sharing / facebook classic car group. i even recognise some press photos in the same page, from car companies themselves (presume stolen too).


i looked at the german LEGIT usage, and the pixel size matches the stolen use. so they obviously lifted it from the legit licenced user.


what to do? i have read a EPUK article which gives sample letters etc and also the idea of flagrency etc (after some user on forums posted link).


do i contact alamy, because they licenced the image? or do i contact the russian site direct (i could WHOIS, the domain name / ISP). or register for the forum / page its on and send to the admins / moderators etc? and send them a "cease using my image" letter / email.


bit wary of what to do, as im UK based, and as far as i can tell, the site is russian.



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