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Help with designating property shots as editorial only...

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I've had a few images on Alamy since 2010, but in the past few weeks decided to start putting a lot more images up for sale. I have read through the rules about when an image needs to be designated for editorial use only, but I have some images where I'm just not sure if they need to be designated that way or not, based on the property in the photos.  I've noticed quite often on Alamy, that contributors have images marked as not having a property release when there should be for commercial use, and they are licensed RF... or they are RM but show no restrictions... (editorial only)


I'd appreciate any help so that I can feel more confident going forward that I'm doing things the right way.  Thanks!

EGWAX2, EGNGAD, EGEHEF, EGNGA7, EGNGA8, EH0XB0, EGWAX2 For these, I wonder if they could be used outside of editorial because the buildings are part of the overall scene. Does it matter how close they are/how much space they take up in the scene?

EGWAW5 This ghost town is under the USDA Forest Service. On the website: http://www.fs.usda.gov is written the following: Commercial photography is defined as the use of photographic equipment to capture still images on film, digital format, and other similar technologies found on National Forest System lands that: takes place at a location where members of the public are generally not allowed or where additional administrative costs are likely; or uses models, sets, or props that are not part of the site’s natural or cultural resources or administrative facilities (FSH 2709.11 2008-2 (CH 40)). 
Based on this, it sounds like I could sell this image commercially even with the abandoned buildings.  Is that correct?

EGEGD9 For an image like this, would a property release be necessary from the church (background)?

EGEGDA, EGKADG I read that government buildings don't need a release.  Does that include interiors like this of the Civic Center in San Francisco and a lighthouse owned by the Canadian Federal Gov't?

EGNGAN I read that public schools don't need a release. This is a historic Academy that is still used as a public school. Not sure if that would qualify?

EGNGAT I have a property release for the Spinnaker Inn which is the building with all the lights on in the windows. Would the surrounding buildings in this shot disqualify it for commercial use?

EGEGE6 If an automobile is out of focus like this, but could be identified by the manufacturer, then it is editorial only, correct?


EH0XAX If I had cloned out the brand name on the tents in this shot, would that have made it available for commercial use?

There are thousands of RF images on Alamy for Monument Valley Tribal Park in Utah, USA. From what I've read, the Navajo Nation would require permission/permits/etc. to use these images commercially. What's not clear to me is if that pertains to stock photos being sold later, or only if you are there to shoot a specific commercial campaign. Does every landscape photo in the Navajo Nation need a property release for non editorial use?


Thanks for your insights.

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