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Image licensing for research purposes - should I charge for it?

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I am a professional photographer and I shot some pictures for an Oxford College of some pages from books in their archive. They have now been asked by third party researchers who are interested in the books if they could see/use the photographs in their research.


When I’m commissioned by a College I say that the pictures I shoot for them can be used in any way by the College to promote the College but if they’re to be used by third parties for another commercial use then a usage fee might be applicable. I have never had such a request regarding research use before and I wasn’t sure how to proceed so I asked the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography – I’m a member) who suggested DACS and BAPLA but I thought I’d ask here as well as someone else might have had a similar request. Can or should I charge for the use of images for research?


Do you have any thoughts on this matter? I have a great relationship with the College in question so don’t want to annoy them by being too penny-pinching but as they asked the question I want to find some concrete advice to offer them if possible.


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