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New to Alamy, not photography

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I am relatively new to Alamy (started with them Dec 2020), and granted I don't have a huge amount of images here yet (less than 1k).


Then today I get an email talking about Alamy measures, and a web search brought me here.  I'm not sure if I'd been better off not knowing about the forum.  


The first thing I read was the thread on the $0.18 sale!!!, and this reminds me of the crap another stock agency pulled on contributors in 2020.  They lost a huge amount of contributors (including me).  One in particular that said she was leaving, took the time to delete her 450,000 images one by one.  It blows my mind why agencies try to screw over their photographers.  I understand that they need to make a profit to make a living, but so do the photographers.... and if the photographers can't make a living then you won't have the images to sell to your customers.


Then while here on the forums I learn about the Novel Use SCHEME, and to me that is exactly what it is.  A scheme to lower a photographers income.  So me being me.... I go see if I can opt out.  Well apparently I can't.


Our novel use scheme

You opted in on 25 Dec 2020. You have:
  1. Increased sales opportunities
  2. The chance to sell to new and exciting markets
You can opt out in April.

One would think that would be April of 2021.  Apparently not,  It is now Nov 25th, 2021 and I still can't opt out.  So Alamy is FORCING me to be enrolled in this for at least a year and four month before allowing me to get out (providing I can even get out then).  Sadly, this tells me all I need to know about Alamy!



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