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Capture One 7 Express

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I've trying out Capture One 7 Express and I'm liking the interface and features very much. As an avid Aperture user I had hoped for a lupe in Capture One to view the image at 100% and to be able to 'move' around the image. It looks like there is no lupe in Capture One but you can view at 100% or higher, but I can't seem to be able to 'move' around the image to cheek sharpness in different areas. If anyone is using Capture One 7 Express and there is away of 'moving' around the image at 100% please let me know. Many Thanks, Clynt Garnham.

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I'm using the Pro version and there is a Lupe tool in that.... the comparison page below suggests it should be available in the Express version as well.


Express vs Pro


Also, if you zoom in at 100%, you can click on different parts of the picture in the "Navigator" tool and it will take you to that part of the picture.


Hope this helps, it is a terrific piece of software..... check out their webinar pages for tutorials etc, very useful.

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