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Develop Old Account or Start Again?

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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if you'd be able to offer advice on this issue. I've had an Alamy account since 2007 but not uploaded in years. I've had some sales but not a huge amount. The past couple of years, my photographic interests have changed, I'm using better equipment and the photos I'd like to begin uploading are of a lot higher standard. I'd like to begin uploading these but I'm not sure if reusing my current (/old) account will help at all or if I'm better off starting again to ensure more consistency (still keeping this one live though). I wouldn't want people finding a new image they like to then go through my portfolio and be put off by the inconsistency of the older images. What do you reckon? I'd like to have a completely separate account with all my new nature imagery but don't know if being established for 10 years on here means anything to buyers? Your input is appreciated.


All the best,



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