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Beauty of largest mangrove forest in the world Sundarbans

Colors are the smiles of Peacefull nature. Sundarban is one of most natural beauty of beautiful Bangladesh. This Forest is the largest mangrove forest in the world. The name ‘Sundar’ meaning is "beautiful" and ‘ban’ meaning 'forest', Sundarban also called ‘beautiful forest’. Sundarban name comes from ‘Sundari Trees’ (Mangroves), a large numbers of ‘Sundari trees’ are found in Sundarbans. The Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, birds, crocodiles and snakes are main beauty of this Forest. 

Sundarban is a blessed place and there are many reasons behind this beauty. Sundarban is not only beautiful but has some immense quality to look forward to.Sundarban is special because it has a huge natural habitat that can aid the earth in many different manners.Sundarban is naturally beautiful with its forests, rivers, animals, birds and its geographical structure.

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