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Unexpected Pleasure

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I was reading a Huffington Post article a few years back, ironically on my iPad while having my morning coffee. It was about Caribou Coffee pulling out of the Chicago market because they couldn't compete. It actually took a minute or two to realize the photo, taken on Michigan Avenue, was one of mine, from a year or so before. The article isn't available anymore, but here's the shot. And of course, one of the keywords is "competition."



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Last year, while browsing through magazines at a newsstand, I picked up a copy of The Economist and spied an article in the index that interested me. When I turned to the page, lo and behold the article was illustrated with one of my photos that had licensed recently through Alamy. Doubly surprising was that it was not the type of image that I would have expected this type of publication to be interested in -- a crumbling Spanish ruin in a remote part of Mexico.



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I was looking at one of those tourist information panels that had been put up in a mid Wales town to inform visitors of the history and sights etc., when I noticed one of my photographs had been used. Not on Alamy or any library, could only have been stolen from my website. I tracked down the design company that had worked for the local council and sent them a hefty bill. They quibbled, I persisted, they tried to get out of it, I persisted even more and informed the council. I got a hefty fee from the company eventually, far more than i would have charged for using the photograph and their contract with the council was cancelled. They went bust so they won't steal a photographer's copyright again. So, an unexpected double pleasure in the end!

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I designated a potential advertising shot as RF because the price for RF seems to be higher than RM. In addition, if I read the pricing calculator properly, then there is room for upwards negotiation on price if an advertising client wants some degree of future exclusivity on an RF....

Makes sense, my best ever value sale (through Alamy) was RF, and I have very little RF.



My best sale was an RM image of a famous building in Copenhagen in 2012 with ticked "contains property I don't have a release for". $602.49 (and the commission was higher).


I still see textbook licences at fair prices - but they will probably not beat that one.


Wheat fields have flooded the market, I think.

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