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Hello from a surprisingly sunny Aberdeen!

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I thought I would introduce myself after signing up late last week! My name is Stephen, I'm a hobby photographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. I received my current camera (Canon 700D) as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Although I got the camera a while back I have only really started concentrating on my photography skills around May last year, and pursuing it as a serious hobby. I have had my eye on signing up as a stock contributor since Autumn last year, however I never had the confidence in my skills and questioned whether I would even pass QC! Last week I decided I shouldn't avoid it any longer and decided to prepare some images and submit then and see what happens, I was delighted they passed through QC! Hopefully in the coming weeks and months I will have filled out my catalogue quite a bit, currently trawling through my images over the last year and picking out what I want to add! I will no doubt be looking to the forum for help or advice from time to time, I will appreciate that support, and in time can hopefully return the favor.






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Welcome Stephen.


I too was hesitant about joining - took me several months of courage building, but finally took the plunge less than a week ago, and like you I also wished I'd started sooner!

I am also a fairly new hobbyist photographer with only a couple of years under my belt, loving every second though....again, wish I'd done it sooner when my back was up to it! :D


Best of luck to you Stephen :)


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I'm glad there is a few of us in the same situation! It does tend to take over, even without my camera i am constantly framing potential shots :lol:!


Good luck to you too! Fingers crossed we will get some interest in our shots early! :)

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