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Apple Mouse Problem

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Sounds good, Rebecca. I shall try that. Right now I'm back to using the pull-in mouse or the MacBook pad.  :wacko:


OK, I did what you suggested, and it's better . . . I think.


No, not better. Just more complicated. Where I used to be able to do something with a click, I now get a window that opens with 22 options, none of which I understand. I connected my WD My Book to the MacBook this morning. I want to store the images I've produced in the last 4 months, but can't. I wish I had the luxury of being relaxed enough to deal with these tech issues, but I do not. 



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Ed, I have found a program for Macs called SuperDuper that I use for copying to a hard drive. It is simple and if you email with a question you get an answer very quickly. I also hate learning anything new but this little program has been easy and effective for me. https://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescription.html I don't do any of the fancy things with it. I make a bootable copy of my hard drive and also copy from my Mac and between hard drives. I have no idea what a "sandbox" is or does but I use the "smart update" feature when appropriate and it is simple.



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