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Just Passed QC so saying HI!

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Hi all, I've already picked up on some useful info by reading the posts in this forum, in fact just confirmed to myself that that the poor discoverability thing is a little nuts by reading a post, after a little search.


So, first 3 now on sale, hoping that AIM isn't spot on about them being discovered.....


Photographer for 40 ish years now, mostly nature, landscape, closeup, plus some urban. Used to be with OSF, till bought, then bought, and bought up. Spent around 12 years teaching photography intro to adult education. Hope I can pass on any help here if I have an answer, to repay the help I've taken advantage of.


Maybe I'll someday understand the pseudo thing before I nod off reading about it!





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Hi back

I too only recently passed my QC (unlike my driving test I managed it at first attempt)

I have only been shooting for about 5 years - I do a lot of local football but when left to my own devices tend to go for animals and nature.  I keep trying to push myself outside of my comfort zones  (how many flying bees does one need?) and hope doing stock will encourage me to think away from my normal habits.


I am not sure about the discoverability thing - but I am chasing down as many keywords as I can anyway.

40 years of photography including teaching sounds great - I am sure those skills will help many (including me lol)

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Hi, unlike my driving test, it took me 3 tries to pass the Alamy QC. I'm very happy to be here. I've been photographing this and that since I was a kid and am now on the north side of 50. I was very relieved to read the discoverability post in the forum and look forward to setting up more photos to sell here.

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