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Images slow to appear in AIM?

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2 hours ago, riccarbi said:

 ("I guess Alamy could provide a better service and increase its (and ours) revenues by renting someone outside UK to do the QC process in the weekends or UK holidays")


Not a really great idea = more staff = more costs = less competitiveness.

Apart from that, weekends and bank holidays aside, Alamy do a great job in getting images past QC ie 9 times out of 10 the day after submission.

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I think the Alamy servers must be on strike. Nothing I have uploaded since Friday is yet appearing in AIM. I thought they might appear today after the holiday. Several uploads today aren’t showing either. Anyone else experiencing this? I emailed the Alamy team.

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I uploaded 2 small batches over the weekend. the first passed QC this afternoon. The second was stuck in processing for over 24 hours which is unusual, they now have entered waiting for QC.

I only upload small batches and don't use FTP.

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I seems it may just be me, then.... batches have varied in size, and I did upload some at several points today, so in total there are a lot of photos that appear to have gone into the ether.  I'll wait and see what the Alamy team say tomorrow.


(I use Alamy Lightroom Bridge to upload.  news photos have been working fine)

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