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Taking inspiration from Mr Greenberg

Jools Elliott

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That's cookin', Jools (metaphoriclly and actually). Good stuff. 


May I again point to something obvious that you're missing, Jools? A train ride on the French railways from Tours to Lyon? Is that not a subject for stock? My goodness! Remember I lived in Europe for 16 years. A lot of people are obsessed with trains and train travel. 


You mean like this one?




Something I do try to do is capture my whole journey where possible. At times it's not always practical and you can find station staff having a word in your ear for photographing in the station.

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Perhaps it's time to get rid of the term "stock photography." Was never fond of  it myself. "Stock" sounds like something you might find in the soup department or keep piled up in the pantry (when there were such things). Any thoughts on this?


The words that make me queasy are 'royalty' and 'free'... :unsure:


I'd add "micro" as well, but I know it works well for some people. How about calling it all simply "photography"? I'm not sure that the adjective "stock" means anything now. With the zillions of images floating around out there and zillions more being created all the time, is there really still such a thing as "stock"? 

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