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23 hours ago, Bill Brooks said:


I have the Canon 70-200 F4 as well, because I do a lot of hiking and I want a lightweight lens. I also find at least F5.6 necessary for depth of field at 200mm, so I do not miss F2.8. The F4 lens is also very sharp and comparatively cheap.


I once had a Nikon film system with a 80-200 F2.8 but never used the lens at F2.8 because my shooting required that extra F5.6-11 depth of field.


I have a Canon 400mm F5.6. I rarely use it because it has less depth of field than 200MM, is heavy, and I like to shoot quickly handheld.


With a 50 megapixel camera you can always “tel extend” 200mm to 400MM and gain a greater depth of field by cropping the 50 megapixel file to 20 megapixel size, like this vertical cropped from an actual 200mm horizontal shot here.




+1 I use the 24-105 on a a7riii and with the 42mb gives me the reach of approx 150mm + but in a smaller and lighter package.


The 100-400gm gives extremely thin DoF but thankfully the focus tracking is spot on.

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32 minutes ago, Liam Bunce said:

And are specifically designed for the Sony miorrorless range.



All the new G & GM lenses are designed for the mirrorless systems. The GM are also designed to handle very high MP cameras as well.

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