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A dollar per year for each image

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3 minutes ago, fotoDogue said:


Editing is also a factor. Digital photographers tend to shoot more. If you upload a lot of similars then revenue per image is likely to be lower. A tightly edited port can sell just as well as a loosely edited port twice its size.


wim B)

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interesting topic.


2017, $2.64 thanks to one very good sale.


and another sale that dropped in last week which has reignited my alamy spirit! and am working on more uploads!



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Alamy:  way less than $1pipy

Niche editorial agency: $6pipy

Commercial aggregator: $4pipy (slipped from about $10pipy due to Getty mostly selling at microstock prices)

An experiment with a single microstock agency with a handful of images: on-target for $4pipy


Note1: all numbers are NET

Note2: very few common images between the four above. All images are now shot with a particular agency in mind.

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On 4/9/2018 at 00:23, geogphotos said:

All the above except Alamy ( niche, commercial,microstock) edit and select the content that they accept from you with a specific market in mind.


Self-edit to the rescue. Plus research. Plus shooting for the market. My acceptance rate is >95% for all of the above.

Your mileage may vary.



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