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I don't spend a lot of time looking at my own pictures on Alamy - honest but just recently have a bit as this seems to be one of those periods where images don't go on sale next day after QC necessarily.


But what i noticed this morning is that buying one for personal use on my tablet would cost £11.99 whereas on my PC it is £9.99 as ever...


This is everywhere now (we and family in London bought tickets for the Chunnel last year at exactly the same time and paid different amounts) and I support Alamy in doing whatevere it takes to maximize revenue ...



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I’ve been wondering about something similar. PU cost looking with my iPad = £9.99. My last PU sale = USD 15.  None of the licence fees I’ve earned match any of the costs advertised. Is there a lot of bespoke/ individual negotiation pricing goes on?



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