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Website link to your (15) photos

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Searching on Alamy normally you can choose to see up to 120 images per page.

If you add a link in your own website to your Alamy portfolio, the view you get is limited to 15 pictures per page.

Couldn't this be increased?


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Not sure if you can increase the number of pics shown per page on the my alamy homepage link, but could you not try sending the link that is shown on the forum, where it shows images and the number of images you have?T

That gives you a similar page of all the portfolio for the user, and can be changed to 120 images, you could even set it to 120 then grab the url that resulted and send that.

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Now that is a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks.


(edit) However, if you then do a search from that page, you get results from the whole of Alamy - if you search from your link page the pics are all yours.

Edited by Phil Robinson
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