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Just an idea...


Our images tend to be sold on Alamy as stand alone entities. Yet there are many creators who produce will produce a documentary series taken over a long time. News images but because of the nature of the project not taken in the last 48 hours so not applicable for the news feed. But with stock they become the stand alone images once more,  and with an income level which may not be equitable.


There are agencies who specialise in this, I am thinking of one in particular, and media interested because I regularly see photo series. Maybe an idea for the newsdesk to look at.

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Some contributors found a way to overcome this: they add a keyword or key phrase that's unique to their series. In the description they have a line like: for more images click on A1 series about former Olympic and world champion speed skater Stien Kaiser or Stien Baas-Kaiser aka the skating police woman.

A1, because it's the first of your keywords that's visible. The rest because it's still a valid key phrase that doesn't waste space.




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