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Do You Do Your PP on a Laptop?

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Cat, the cheapest MacBookAir is $1,000. Too much for me right now. Thanks.

Stacy, it seems that I did not post the HPD go-see in the forum. If you email me at  edoruan@gmail.com  I'll send you the short version. Let me say that is was a disaster. Right now I am hoping for the best but planning for the worst. 




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I do everything on a lappy, including PP, and my pics are fine.  I use a big monitor which is perfect for my needs.  With all that said, I'm going down the desktop route very shortly, which has to be better, doesn't it?!


Hope you get things sorted sooner rather than later, Ed. 

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Up to now I’ve done everything on a laptop, I do calibrate my monitor on a regular basis, essential not just for Alamy, but for using different print land and albu manufactures, in order to ensure what you order is what you receive.

Hoping to get a desktop soon though

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