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Martin B

Free online photography courses: intro to advanced

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In response to another thread on the merits of paying some for profit school to learn about photography, I thought it may be helpful to some photographers if I helped compile a list of free resources. None of these courses will give that little piece of paper saying you have a Degree in Photography, but that overpriced piece of paper will never get you a job or sell one more photo for you. For the most part, people hire or buy work from visual artists based on strength portfolio, not resume. This is not to disparage real brick and mortar college or university programs, where you have interaction, networking and critique with and by in person teachers and fellow students. That can be valuable. But an online course lacks that personal interaction, and if the same knowledge can be gained for free, why pay?


Here is a partial list. The resources are numerous, so feel free to add any reputable, free courses you may know of as well.


Free intro to advanced courses from MIT: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/find-by-topic/#cat=finearts&subcat=visualarts&spec=photography


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