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ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

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1 hour ago, Martin P Wilson said:

They are called regular expressions and are widely used in computing for text processing (common use is to redirect urls, such as  example.co.uk to example.com so either url will reach the same web site). They are very powerful when used for manipulating text; to learn more try: https://www.regular-expressions.info/ - there is far more there than anyone will ever need to use in AoA! Wim's guide is probably more than sufficient for most purposes.


BTW - they don't seem to work in Google searches!


Between us here we have checked a lot at one point, but I cannot find any of those posts. Not with the obvious keywords like wildcard ; special characters; regular expressions or SQL query.

Why most characters will not work is because you want to avoid code injection attacks. So let's be thankful for the ones that do work.



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I find the Alamy stats usefull, as you can see how many of your photos where in the search results... this gives an indication of how relevant photos where keyworded or not... and it also gives an indicication of how popular a photo is (on Alamy) - and this is a supposition as I don’t know how Alamy’s algorithm works in terms of results given... I suppose CTR, previous zooms, previous sales play a role here?


What interests me more, as a photographer/contributor is how many times a photograph was seen - zoomed and utimatly sold! So I can concentrate on this type of images... and upload, keyword relevant images...

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