was this proper way to shuffle one's ranking???

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have pg 1, 2, etc. presence in some city searches;

but some of the images are NOT appropriate & wanted to

"shuffle" them backwards --  did so as follows in this scenario:


Before in supertags:


ranking order: CityName (image 1), CityName (image 2), CityName (image 3), CityName (image 4), CityName (image 5), CityName (image 6) 


Two changes in supertags:


CityName (image 1), CityName (image 2), hospital CityName (image 3), CityName (image 4), pharmacy CityName (image 5), CityName (image 6)


Desired "after" ranking order in CityName search:


CityName (image 1), CityName (image 2), CityName (image 4), CityName (image 6) 


& hospital CityName (image 3) will shuffle way back except forward in "hospital" searches...?

& pharmacy CityName (image 5) will shuffle way back except forward in "pharmacy" searches...?


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Jeff, I improved a situation I had with the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. I uploaded a few images taken there of an injured elephant and those were coming up before more general images of the elephants being fed, etc. I left the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in all the captions but in the supertags I put Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in the more generic images and just put that in the regular tags of the injured elephant. Now the injured elephant doesn't show up until the second page of a search for Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and my images that are the ones more likely to be chosen for an article about the place are on the first page.



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Thanks, but the hospital & pharmacy images have been zoomed &-or licensed,

a strong indicator of salability, so I prefer to keep something in supertag field.

Will see in few days if new words in front of CityName "push" 2 images back

in CityName search... if not, then will eliminate CityName from supertag fields

for those 2 images.  regards jg

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