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On 2/9/2018 at 14:30, British Gent said:

I risk killing this thread stone dead, but would someone care to define 'Fine Art Photography'? I recently saw an Instagram post of a dreadfully dull silhouette of some trees that had been converted to black and white. This, according to the photographer's comment, made it 'fine art'. An extreme example, but one thing is for sure - calling something fine art doesn't make it fine art, which implies there are criteria even if it's debatable at the margins.


I'm trying, Gent, but it's giving me a migraine.


When I left my job as location photographer with America Airlines, I considered becoming a Fine Art snapper. It must have taken me at least two minutes to think, maybe not. I decide it might be better to write free-form poetry or do some action painting. For me, there's always been a creative element in commercial photography. That's good enough. Good luck, Marb. 

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