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Hi,  I've just joined Alamy and I'm excited to become part of your  community.  I have over 30 years experience in Advertising, Video and Audio production and just recently started Photography again.  I worked at Eastman Kodak for over 25 years in multiple roles and I am truly  looking forward to enhancing my photography skills and learning from all of you!  I absolutely love taking photos and using new techniques to make my images better!  I'm hoping to sell some of my images on Alamy,  not just for the monetary gain but more importantly for the validation and purpose it would provide me.   I'm not very familiar with "Forums" so I may make some mistakes, ask some stupid questions, and hopefully you will bare with me as I learn more and more.

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Kodak aint what it once was, pity! I was a student at RIT for a spell but I decided it was mostly technical which isn't surprising. At least they taught me how to do dye transfer printing. I never did any of that kind of printing since, but it was a brilliant way to come to understand how colours and emulsions worked. Good luck building up a collection at Alamy. I have a soft spot for Upper New York state but it's not what first come to mind when you are thinking of what America is supposed to look like. Best in autumn, long cold winters and lots of snow. 

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