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Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

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18 hours ago, spacecadet said:

Last time I skied into one of those it didn't have a nice soft bumper round it.

It wasn't made of wood, either.



OUCH! My commiserations Mark.





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46 minutes ago, GS-Images said:



Neighbours having a chin-wag. It was intended as an image showing the "close", but I thought it was also worth tagging with words relating to neighbours meeting for a chat.




UGggh! don't you just hate those roof tiles?


Bring back roof slates.





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12 minutes ago, GS-Images said:


I agree! I have an image somewhere just showing such tiles. They're everywhere here. I can't walk anywhere without seeing those damn tiles! I hate them! I was buying groceries the other day and a couple of those roof tiles pushed in front of me at the checkout! Such rudeness. You wouldn't get that from roof slates, would you? I don't know Allan, I think roofing materials need more education. I blame Trump.



Neglected old tiled roof on a shed in need of repair. Stock Photo


Ha! Pantiles, on the other hand, I think are magic.



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1 hour ago, GS-Images said:



Panties? Have we changed subject?


Oh, I just realised I misread that. Sorry, my mistake.  :wacko:





Shingles look nice too.







Edited by Allan Bell
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Tiger Mother and her Babies....



M45KM8  Bengal Tiger mother with full teats, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India




M45KPJ  Two-month-old Bengal Tiger cubs by a waterhole with reflection, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve




M45KMG  Bengal Tiger cub crossing a road in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India




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I finally got round to re-working this pic. I've edited the puddle to make it in the shape of Australia. By coincidence, Uluru (Ayers Rock) is at about the right place. Quite an iconic pic I hope. Why didn't I think about it first time round? Doh!



Edited by gvallee
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2 minutes ago, GS-Images said:

A White Mute Swan with another swan swimming upside down underwater.







:):D It's called MATING.;)





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