specific back pain starting 1 hr after standing-roaming

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The Alamy Forum is probably not the best place to get medical advice, but I'll toss out a few thoughts anyway. 


2" below the right shoulder doesn't sound like a disk or spin issue. It sounds like a muscle or ligament problem. Or the problem could be with the connective tissue. Posture is very important. An office chair with arms will guarantee bad posture.  The chair above is what I use, and I've not had any back problems in the 10 years I've had it. When I lift anything, I fill my lungs with oxygen first. This is what they do in karate and tennis. I call it sniper breathing. 


In the long run, exercise can strengthen the area . . . but personally I would not be forcing that program until rest has made the pain go away. 

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I found that while using a Black Rapid strap, which goes across your shoulder and distributes the weight more evenly, is much better than the neck strap (which I haven't used in 10 years - I just traded in my D5100 and found the unopened strap in the box I had stored in the attic) - even better with my little Olympus E-1 is a thick wrist strap. It really takes all the pressure off your back and neck and the camera is so light it's easy to carry, even with one of the pro lenses attached. I hike with the wrist strap all the time. 


I have pretty constant low level pain from fibromyalgia and my rheumatoid arthritis has been acting up lately, so coupled with the bad disks it can be daunting. Mineral oil can help a lot, and tumeric is also good. But PT, chiropractic, acupuncture, or a good massage are all helpful. Both for connective tissue issues as well as disk problems - which in my experience have often gone hand in had.


I'm with Betty - avoid surgery - I have one cousin who swears it helped his neck - he's 67 and looks and acts like he's 40 - but so many other people I met in PT said they regretted surgery as they were back to square one in a year or two - or were even worse off. 


I think that strengthening your core muscles can also help with back pain. But not when it's acute. You need to get it under control first.


Getting old ain't for sissies. 

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My car was rear-ended about 20 years ago. I had whiplash pretty severe, a bulging disk and torn muscles that ran on each side of my spine. I had all the usual treatments including physical therapy. Once the muscles healed, the pain continued. Then, I had rolphing treatment. The guy used his elbows to dig into my muscles where the knots were then ripped downward. At least 30 minutes of agony while he broke loose scar tissue.

After about 10 treatments I had to quit. The pain during those treatments was incredible...a 10 on a scale of one to ten. I’m tough, but tears leaked. I was bruised black and blue and had to soak in Epsom salts after. While my body can endure pain, it eventually broke down my mind.  I felt like a prisoner of war must’ve felt before spitting out war secrets. I no longer could muster my mental defenses.


That said, I would do it again because the treatment gave me back my range of motion and I could turn my head once again to look over my shoulder when changing lanes. The muscles are healed, but the injured disk in my neck still causes knots in my upper back around the shoulder blade area next to the spine.

Pinched nerves will affect muscles down the line. I also have deteriorating disks in my lower back that sometime causes sciatica and nerve pain in the back or front of my thigh 12 or more inches below the source.

I carry my camera in my hands while walking about. Sometimes an extra lens in a belly bag, but after awhile, that causes pain and I go home.

The packing I’m doing right now isn’t helping. One more week of packing. Then I can look forward to unpacking! :(

Just my 2 cents.



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I used to have terrible back and shoulder pain. Thought it was from the photo backpack, which is around 9kg (not great as I'm only 5'5'' and reasonably slim) including laptop, 2 bodies, lenses, speedlight,  etc., plus a trolley with lights when I do portraiture. Went to an excellent osteopath for over a year, helped a lot and it turned out the pain was actually caused by my 20+ years of tennis several times a week, wear and tear and tiny probs with certain muscles/fibre around muscles. The osteppath, apart from excellent treatment,  came up with some great gentle repetitive exercises to work on those specific problem areas.Ii still go but no longer weekly (too pricey to be sustainable over several years, sadly), but I can only recommend it!

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