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Hello dear Alamy Team :) ,


I heard that for RF images it happens that clients try sometimes to find your images on microstock in case you have images there. Maybe it is a good idea to have the possibility to mark your RF images as exclusive. Especially for the contributors that delete RF images from Microstock in order to have them only in Alamy. Then the chance that clients jumps on microstock sites will be even less i guess.


What do you think?




Mirco Vacca

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......also an RM person if I am not mistaken ;)


I'm an exclusive to Alamy person so this appeals to me. 


Indeed this is true, which nullifies my interest totally as it really only applies to RF stock lol 

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Thanks Mirco - this has come up before but is not something we can implement. The resources needed to police such a policy are just not available to us at this point.





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