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anyone using to process?  CS6 or other?

one came with Lenovo P40 Yoga year ago, haven't used;

tried couple times & it caused image to spin like top, had to use Ctl-Alt-Del;

can't find online tutorial;

does one need WACOM pen software before first use?  or?

thanks in advance...

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I've used my tablet pen with images a lot, but use my Bamboo digital tablet as opposed to a touchscreen. (Someday hoping for a Cintinq).


I haven't used it on a touchscreen, so can't say.  From what I have read, trying to do any kind of artwork with a digital pen on a touchscrren monitor doesn't give you great results.  I am assuming this goes for photography as well as digital painting.


I would use it to do masking on the tablet.  Took some practice, but when I got used to writing on the tablet on the table but looking at the monitor I would get good results.


But touchscreens are a different animal, as tablets are pressure sensitive and touchscreen monitors are not.



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