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The sensor thing would be a non-issue if Fuji would provide the information needed to software producers. There’s nothing wrong with the sensor, just the software not having all of the information they need to demosiac the RAFs.


Then again, Irident and Capture One seems to have figured it out better than Adobe. Maybe the fault lies with Adobe. Whatever, LR and PS do much better with X-tran than they used to. 

I have my workflow established and am not eager to learn and pay for another software. My pictures sell just fine developed in LR or PS CC.


I just went through a few of my pages, many with foliage, near and distant. I can’t seem to find any with the watercolor effect. Huh.

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I have a Canon 6D with 24-105 F4 L, which works very well for me. The camera does a great job avoiding noise and purple fringing, which makes the post processing easy. It has a full frame sensor. I went from Sony A100 to Canon 6D, and the difference was unbelievable .. but then .. that would probably have been the case with any new camera ...

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