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Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

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On 02/12/2017 at 18:23, hdh said:


Also was told to move the plane of the sensor behind the axis of rotation - which is a function of the distance of the subject from the axis, its actual size and the sensor size. 

That has so far kept me away from doing panoramas - I rather get out my wi(l)de(st) angle lens ;). 


Actually - you want to rotate about the center of focus or nodal point .. (This is a point internal to the camera and in front of the sensor where the image crosses itself to invert) 


(I cannot insert any images for some reason despite having valid links on my ipad).. goggle it..


There is a simple routine for finding this .... again - use google ... and always use a decent Pano head...




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I can't insert pics on the forum using Safari on a Mac for the last while so maybe it is the same on iPad. However, Firefox works fine.
I have to admit I have never used a pano head or worried about nodals although I do a lot of panos. If one is looking for real scientific accuracy then I'm sure it is important but I don't think it should stop people shooting panoramas. For one thing, I find it very liberating to shoot panos when my lens doesn't have sufficient field of view to capture an entire scene. Below is a December upload of a handheld pano I did from a slowly moving ship as we docked in Dublin Port. It's not realistic but I think it is very unusual and has some aesthetic value.
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