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I had a very bizarre search in this morning's activity report. The search term was BLANK, I mean empty space like "       ". Yet there were 1320 views. Out of which, 360 were mine. Has anybody seen this before?


Sorry, I can't get the screen capture to show up. Use the link below:



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That is on a pseudo I only have 620 pictures. 360 views out of 620 pictures. Could it be search of my pseudo? Then where is all other (total 1320 views) come from?


No foreign characters in my keywords, unless you count English English like "colour, learnt,..." :P


Weird! :wacko:

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"00000218819603" - another odd search (strangely, no results, a gap in the market there).


This is a method for transmitting secret messages back to base.  A set of images are loaded up onto Alamy, and when the agent needs to report back a message, they would keyword a particular image with the above keyword, with different images having a different message.


In the above, base was checking their post so to say, and as there were no results, that means the secret agent was probably been captured!

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