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3 hours ago, spacecadet said:

Me too, they sold me a Super-8 projector in 1979.

It wasn't Vic Odden's, was it?

Edit: bingo.



Spot on, Vic Odden's it was. I used to commute to London Bridge and enjoyed browsing there if I had a bit of a wait for the train. Thanks for the info.

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How fun. My first SLR was a Pentax K100. Used a lot of KodaChrome and 100 Speed Fuji Slide film those days. Support my habit, rock climbing, with slide shows and guiding. Sold the occasional photo. First DSLR was a Nikon D80. Use it a lot, but both my wife and I upgrade to the D90 years back. *Still use those today.



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First DSLR - Nikon D70 back in 2004


But my first digital camera was a Kodak DC20 in 1996, boasting amazing 0.2 megapixels and 1 MB of internal memory. It was horrible even for those times standards, lol. Still have it today.

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My first slr was a Canon A1 (still have it)

and first dslr was a Canon Rebel XTi (still have it)

presently shoot with Canon 5DM2 and Canon M3 (mirrorless)

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Some Agfa Box in the late 60s and some mirrorless ones

Porst SLR - a  manual camera with a build in exposure meter  (Local german make by a large photoshop chain) 

then some Canons  amidst a Canon 500N, that I still have serving as a paperweight 


My DSLRs get a second use, and I have not sold any so far

First DSLR Canon 400D - now mostly in cupboard but still gets a rare  use for concept shots 

Canon 600D now with daughter, 

Canon 650D  somtimes use it as a second camera 

Canon 70D now with my wife

now Canon 5DSr 

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The first SLR I used was my fathers Pentax ME with a 50mm lens.


The first SLR I bought was a Nikon F80, and still own it.


First DSLR: Nikon D70


Then I upgraded to a D700 and now a D750. Still use the D700 as a second body.


And I really want a D850 even though I don't need one...

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