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Hi folks

I am a newbie to Alamy from South Florida, USA.  I accidentally came upon the site after looking for skeleton remains of dead frogs.  A frog died a few feet from my building and within days the flies and sun reduced it nothing.  To my surprise, the remains survived the mighty winds and rain of Irma.  Anyway, I saw the skeleton body and decided to shoot it.  After searching I found a few photos from an Alamy photographer.  I read some more and decided to join.  So here am I.  I have one question though.  I know that most of the news market in the USA use Getty or AP.  Does anyone knows how Alamy stock up to these two?  Thanks.



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I can't answer your question except to say the US market is a work in progress. It probably depends too on what type of news images you intend to shoot, ie. Soft, hard, local, nationwide. etc.etc. On hurricane Irma I do hope you fared well and that you now have power. I have been quite lucky up here in Polk County, only missing a few roof shingles. The news images that I managed to get I'll have to wait and see if any have sold. I'm not holding my breath though as there are so many better images out there. One more day to go then I'm away back home to Bonnie Scotland with it's Autumn colours, rain and cold. I'm gonna miss your country especially sitting by the pool in my shorts like I am just now. :) Good luck on Alamy.

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Welcome Patrick! I wish you success with your initial submission. 

unfortunately I cannot answer your question either, but someone will. 

The forum is driven consists of generally very friendly crowd and I am almost certain someone will answer your question. 

Looking forward to seeing the picture(s) of these remains. 


Cheers from Germany

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Welcome to Alamy.


Glad you survived Irma, I am from Canada.


  With Alamy your photos are distributed pretty much worldwide, and your photos will also show up on the Getty search site as well.

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