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1 hour ago, M.Chapman said:


Putting the "harder" questions on the "Optional" page in the new AIM hardly encourages a pro-active approach either. Alamy appear to have decided that whether an image contains property or people, and whether there are releases available isn't that important.... What does that tell us? Maybe we could limit our potential liability by not filling any of these fields in - Alamy has decided they are optional after all. It would save time...  Must remember to check what licence options and warnings a potential buyer is given if these fields are left blank when the next database update happens.





If these fields are not filled it, the system sensible defaults to No PR and no MR.

AFAICS, there is no difference between what happens on the file page if you indicate that no releases are necessary, so even if you have a photo of the grass outside your back door, it will still show as No PR and No MR. That must be more confusing to inexperienced potential buyers than restrictions, but it keeps Alamy and contributors safer.

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