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How important is Keywording for News Images

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Just Wondering how important is Keywording for News Feed Images, I don't do this for my other agency and still make regular sales however I have made very few salse via Alamy and wondering if this might be the reason why





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I'd say rather important.


Firstly because the news images are searchable in the news section nearly right after your upload and keywording...


Secondly because sales may not occur the first 48 hours - but a lot later - in articles or for use in books, etc. - when the images have been transferred to your normal portfolio. But the extensive keywording can be done a little later.... Most of my news sales occur later, if you pardon the contradiction...

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I keyword images with basic keywords prior to upload.  Once uploaded, I edit the keywords as soon as I can (usually within 24 - 48 hours).  I also review the caption for accuracy.  All changes are realized immediately in the news feed (even if they haven't made it to the main collection yet).  If you upload images on a Thursday, they will not hit the main collection for AT LEAST 4 days (Monday update).  I have had instances where a Monday update didn't happen and had to wait until Tuesday.  This makes them as searchable as you can make them right from the start.

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IMO the basics of the News item event are critical for the image to be searched and found. I do this on a bulk basis. Clearly time is of the essence. I add the  specific details of the individual images on line at a later date.



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