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Sony rx100 mk3 opinions

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40 minutes ago, Bill Brooks said:

I have a RX100 MK1 and use it sometimes. But not as a main camera.

I have problems with the lens, but I am a lens sharpness nut. Do some lens testing so you can use the lens at optimum aperture.






Superb image Bill.





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Thanks Allan:

When I took it I was concerned about the outcome on a technical level, but what the hell, might as well give it a shot.

I look at it now, and realize I need to loosen up with the rest of my photography. Take more chances. I can always delete and no one will be the wiser. The MX 100 lends itself to that, and that is reason alone to have the camera in my pocket. My Canon 5D2 kit was in the overhead bin.

I put this note in the additional info box.

Note: The wing is sharp, the city lights have some motion blur, and the image is moderately noisy. Location: Over Los Angeles approaching LAX California USA  Date taken: 13th March 2014

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Yes, MK111.  I've used it almost exclusively over my MK1.  I should sell the 1, there are a lot of people who would be perfectly happy with it. In fact, I'm happy with it, but prefer the 3 because of the viewfinder, to which I'm addicted.



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Anybody with a first hand experience with NEX6 and RX100 M3?


Specifically, differences / similarities in the layout of buttons and menu structure? Access to manual functions like flash and exposure compensation, focusing point selection?


I have a NEX6 and could never get used to it. Every time I need to change a setting that is not frequently changed, it's a struggle to find where it is and what button press sequence to use. Just not intuitive. Never had that problem with Olympus or Canon. Is it just me not being a Sony person?


Feedback appreciated.



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