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Hi everyone,


I have a quick question regarding property releases.


For example, if I am taking photos of my own property such as phones, old cameras etc, anything I have bought, do I need a property release for them. The guidelines on Alamy are vague in this regard.


My query is mainly that although it is my property it is actually a product that some company has made so would a personal property release be sufficient.


Many thanks,



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Hi JamesH,

Yes you need a propery release for all these things generally if there are logos visible or it is clear which company produced the item. Certainly for phones and cameras it would be best on IM to say that there is property and you have no property release for it. Ditto if your e.g. showing apps on the screen of the phone that you own. The phone and apps are trademarked by companies so you need to put photos of these in IM as having "Propery in the image".

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It depends if the property has obvious branding or is obviously identifiable as being of a certain make/model.


For example, if a picture includes an iPhone which is obviously an iPhone, then it would require a property release from apple.

If a t-shirt has a Nike logo then it would require a property release from Nike.

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Thank you both for the quick reply.


Some images I have removed logos or made the item look generic where appropriate, mainly for concept style photos where I just need a phone or something for context.


Its just that grey area where there is an object in the photo but you couldn't say which brand it was.


Thanks again :-)

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There is a whole industry devoted to debranding products for advertising. It employs IP lawyers and we don't. So the correct answer is property yes, release no.

The only way you can release property is if all IP has expired. That's usually 25 years for industrial design in the UK, much longer for copyright. So you can release your own house, a vintage car, or a Clarice Cliff teapot.

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