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Trouble getting my first images accepted

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I've been trying to get my first images accepted, but they always come back to me with saying they aren't sharp enough.  I really feel like they are very sharp.  I'm not a professional, but I am an amateur and feel I understand when something is sharp or not.  Many of the first images I upload are animals that I have zoomed in on, and the backgrounds are blurry.  Do they want the whole image to be sharp for the first submissions?  Is there an area I can post some of my pictures and get input from others on here? 

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Many new contributors misunderstand Alamy's file size requirements, and as a result enlarge their files to an excessive size, making the image soft. This may not apply in your case, but just be aware that if you are using a 6MP sensor or greater, there should be no need to enlarge your output.

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Just a wee tip. You need to give the scientific name of all animals and plants. Location can be important, if a buyer wants to illustrate a particular plant or animal found in a certain place.

Nice images!


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